June 14, 2008




This WICAMP is conducted by Wipro Infotech. This camp was organized by Mr. Pavan Soni. In this camp well qualified person came from different companies. Mainly in this camp both technical and non technical companies are participated and also the professionals came from different places. It is the unique conference they splash out their thoughts and creativity. By this conference we learned about their thoughts and the creativity is done across the industry and also we viewed the professional’s ideas. So many presentations are done in this camp. The well qualified persons are came from Wipro Infotech Accenture, Satyam, Infosys, Universal Print Systems Ltd, Rang De, etc., and also the professionals. The main theme was Discipline vs Creativity.


It is very enthusiastic and started with self introduction and they started with fearless presentation about the Innovation. He pointed out that mainly it depend upon the customer satisfaction and he suggest that innovation should not be made in the already existing system it should be new intellectual innovating product.

One of the person from Accenture from his point of view he said in our company no research like new innovation cannot be done. Only with existing product they do their innovation.

Shyam presenting his creativity

Another person spoke about the Innovation in globalization and in localization and also they put their questions towards the audience too and also they viewed their creative and thoughts too. While presenting he said examples with Idly and Chhaya. It’s very interesting but he can’t able to share it properly because question arises from audience that time argument moved to some other topic.

RangDe Team is presenting their Innovation

From Rang De people started to talk about the Poverty in India. The energetic start given by Mr. Ram and Ms.Smita they are viewing about the borrowers of money. They are providing the loan in villages and viewing their borrowers. Each Social Investor invests as little as Rs. 1000 which will given to borrowers within a 30 days time, and who repays these loans at an interest rate of 3.5%.Then Mr.Pavan put on their question too audience they said to considering the borrower they asked to view about the investment. So Rang De people said now only we started to view their investment. Rang De people doing their social services and also they felt most of the people in society are not supportive because of their family situations and also because of work loads. So they took the audience to full of emotions. Another person talk about the innovation in Ecosystem.

Syed express his emotion by viewing audience

One of the person presented that the investors are shaping the new innovators in technology wise they don’t have that knowledge to communicate they are lacking in communication skill but we are shaping them in communication wise also in technical wise but after they grown they are moving to some other concern or to abroad. But they are earning more than us we are in developing stage only. At that time Pavan in Wipro Technology said that we are hiring the people in the way ‘S- scale’. He said the bottom of the S is the investors they should be strong in technology. They are helping for growing people then we hired the well shaped person to the top of the S. This is the S- scale method following in Wipro Infotech. So Pavan asked what’s wrong in doing like this. Then Pavan put on this question to audience they said you should be proud only because of you only that growing person are well shaped. Then that person said I’m very proud to be like that. While argument going on that presentation he can’t able to share their thoughts properly. He can’t able to delivered it because while presenting itself all the audience splashing out the questions towards on him and their thoughts too. Before end up this presentation in between Pavan said for T – break. This is also one of the reasons to cant able to share about their thoughts. So this presentation stops in between while presenting itself. So this thought cannot be share it properly in this camp.

Pavan Soni through out the question to audience

So many qualified person shared their thoughts with anticipate. These are the presentations are done in WiCamp. In this presentation so many questions are put it out but some are answerable one and some are unanswerable. So share your thoughts, comments and suggestions in blogspot to make the Innovation and Creativity in more colorful way.



June 12, 2008


This WI CAMP is nothing but the event conducted by Wipro InfoTech for this year 2008. Its going to be held on June 13.Its a very interesting camp. In this event so many well qualified concern and the professional students are also participating in it. They present their new innovations so we can easily learn more things. By seeing those innovations we can learn about that and we can use that in their own concern and for future purpose too. By participating in this camp it’s a good opportunity to show their talents especially for professional students. Mainly in this not only IT companies are participating all over companies are going to participate in this event. So both technical and non technical projects can be show in this. By participating in this event we can meet so many company directors directly and we can view their opinion too. By this event we can well know about present marketing rate or trend. By attending this we can easily buy or sell the projects, so business opportunities are more .By this event it’s possible to form membership or like association group. It’s the best camp to say this it’s a best opportunity to new innovators to explore themselves. So let’s share our thoughts and very all the best to innovators.

Share out of Proto.in ’08!

January 22, 2008

We are privileged to be associated with The Knowledge Foundation and the Startup movement called Proto.in .

Logo of Proto.in
This time too, we did the pre-press and printing of the Proto.in booklet. Because of systematic timely action, we were able to incorporate the agenda and the Notes page in the booklet.

Ramanunjam did a excellent job of coordinating the content and approving, proof checking the layout.

We are much privileged, as we anticipate this booklet will emerge in stature similar to merit list of top educational institutions.

Here is the electronic version in pdf format, protobooklet.pdf

3.11pm through Second Life…..

November 3, 2007

Do you want to participate in the fabulous event, 3.11pm virtually…….? Want to have an interesting tech, go to Hot Air Balloon@SL

Is there SecondLife in the Printing World ? Part 2

September 3, 2007

In continuation, is there SecondLife in the Printing World part 1

like to share with you some information .It has a tremendous potential in terms of  business and commercial.

So, how does SecondLife impact the print community? 

 — In the first part of the article,  introduced you the virtual world, second life, and suggested that there were sufficient real world business opportunities therein to be worth thinking about in a businesses first life.  For example, in these early days of SecondLife, there are already many Members/residents that have a creative background, such as artists and designers. They use SecondLife not only as a platform to demonstrate their art from their real life, but also to express themselves differently and to create new (virtual) art. Modeling tools in SecondLife allow the artists also to create new forms of art, that in many ways are not possible in real life due to physical constraints or high associated costs. The virtual arts are visible for example in the SecondLife Louvre, a virtual representation of the Louvre Museum. And, the artists own their Intellectual Property as if it had been created in the real world. 

This real world business in SecondLife makes sense as many of the Members are Creatives with graphic design, programming and a host of other skilled backgrounds.

Says Linden, the developer: But, as the world matures, much of this art will come in to the mainstream and be translated into print and other salable forms. From our viewpoint, what’s really neat about this is that Linden Lab’s Terms of Service agreement recognizes the Residents’ right to retain full intellectual property protection for the digital content they create in SecondLife, including their avatar characters, clothing, scripts, textures, objects and designs. This right is enforceable and applicable both in-world and offline, both for non-profit and commercial ventures. You create it, you own it – and it’s yours to do with as you please, just like in the real world.

There is even specific activity that relates to the printing industry, Semper International recently published a news release announcing the opening of a SecondLife office to help with staffing. It stated:

“Semper is excited to be working at the forefront of this new, ‘revolutionary’ recruiting world. … From our SecondLife location, we can connect with potential job seekers, register them with our company, interview and link them directly to jobs. We also expect to develop a training curriculum for our own internal employees in areas such as database navigation, recruiting techniques and selling concepts,” comments Brian Regan, Semper International Chief Operating Officer. “We also intend to use SecondLife as a way to connect with our clients and demonstrate our services in a virtual conference setting. As we see it, the virtual sky is the limit.”

This real world business in SecondLife makes sense as many of the Members are Creatives with graphic design, programming and a host of other skilled backgrounds. Many work at marketing departments of the large corporations that are trying to develop their own marketing platforms. These Creatives are the same people who still need print in the ‘real world,’ and especially in a real world in which unique and very short run digital print is taking on a larger and larger dimension. We have been told that there are already some real world printing companies set up to capture for new business in this virtual world.

Printers and print vendors should jump in and begin to see how it can work for them.

Ifra India 2007

August 31, 2007

PlateRite News 2000

Ifra is the world’s leading association for newspaper and media publishing. Universal Print Systems Ltd will be partcipating in the event to be held at Chennai on 4th-6th Sep 07. UPSL representing their principals M/s Dainippon Screen , Japan will be showcasing their latest CTP for the Newpaper Industry.

Ifra world ‘s leading association for newspaper and media publishing is working closely in revolutionsing and groundbreaking research into new business models for the newspaper industry.One of Ifra’s most important activities is application-related research in all areas of newspaper and magazine production as well as organisation and strategy. The industry is looking at various media to upgrade themselves and also how to keep their publications on the top. Various other options like multimedia and web2.0 are also on the think lists !

HP Singapore Cool Town

August 22, 2007

HP Singapore Cool Town

Originally uploaded by crew.sl@upsl

The futuristic place – COOL TOWN of HP

HP Indigo

August 10, 2007

UPSL is early beginner in the prepress and an early adopter of latest technology.UPSL is exploring the idea of going for an ‘Digital Printing’. I recevied an invitation from Helwett-Packard for an upcoming event called ” Seeing is Beliving ” in Singapore. It’s a two day event showcasing HP-Indigo . with speakers from Isreal (the manufacturing hub) and other speakers from HP other parts of the world. And interestingly mentioned during the visit was the factory visit of ink manufaturing plant,HP’s Cool Town and HP Indigo Centre of Excellence. These places looked very intersting !rEAL Cool pLACE !!

HP Indigo

It was a great show from HP well organised and the arrangements were too good. Every bit was taken care during your stay in Singapore. The whole Asia Pacific Hp’s team was available to you. Mr. Nagesh,Country Manager,Mr.Anuj Mehta,Business Development Manager ,Mr.Appa Durai, and thrie channel partners from Redington Mr.Santosh and Mr.Prem from USAM Chennai were a wonderful hosts .

It was informative and were able to get hands on experince of the machine. The future – Digital Printing it’s ease to operate and speed.

Is there SecondLife in the Printing World…….

July 26, 2007

Is there SecondLife in the Printing World? Part 1 

Commentary by Steve Aranoff & Robert FitzPatrick, The EAGLE

 As you all  know, The EAGLE has been writing about topics of interest to our readers, many times before others take notice.  Because one of us was located in Silicon Valley, we became early proponents of the use of the internet in the printing marketplace.  In our consulting business and our writing, we were among the first to recognize how important the nascent internet was going to become.  An early White Paper of ours published by Nagasa in 1996 gently began to suggest that print market companies should begin to develop web sites, and to put their web address on all of their correspondence.  Looking back, you wouldn’t think this was necessary.  After all, today, who in this industry doesn’t have a web site?  For many of us, our web strategy, whether it’s to show customers what we have, to provide data to outside sales personnel, to converse with our customers, or to provide worldwide support information, in a prominent part of our marketing mix.  There is no longer any question about the importance of a good web site to growth and customer satisfaction.

Many of you may not know what we’re introducing.  It is called SecondLife!  Don’t go away thinking that this doesn’t have a business connotation. 

Flash forward another decade to 2007.  Universal Print Systems Ltd, Chennai, is  about to make the same point, this time with respect to something less tangible, but potentially just as explosive.  Many of you may not know what we’re introducing.  It is called SecondLife!  Don’t go away thinking that this doesn’t have a business connotation.  It is important to note from the start, that some well known large businesses, banks, and governments have already begun to buy into this concept. Specifically with respect to the printing community, you should recognize some of these companies:

  • Sears, a major retailer with significant print requirements, The Bombay Company, a major catalog and retailer, and Semper International, a print staffing firm think so.
  • We think you will too after you understand how real SecondLife is becoming.

So, what is SecondLife? 

  • Many people think it’s what the Internet is going to become.

Some think it is similar to Web 2.0 and social networking. In reality, Second Life is an Internet-based virtual world which is just coming to international attention via the mainstream news media. You can learn more about it at: secondlife.com. It was developed by Linden Lab, and works through a downloadable client program that enables its users, called “Residents”, to interact with each other. Members work through motional “avatars,” in a make believe world that provides an advanced level of a social networking combined with what can only be described as a meta universe, a universe parallel to the real one. In this Universe, residents can explore, meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, create and can trade both virtual and real items and services with one another.

While SecondLife is sometimes considered a “game,” this description is really inaccurate.  It does not have points, scores, winners or losers, levels, an end-strategy, or any of the other game like characteristics.  It is a semi-structured virtual environment where characters undertake activities supposedly for the purpose of enjoyment. Some people take this opportunity to shed their worldly life for a better one where they essentially “live” their real life by participating in a second life.

The astounding thing is that more than six million accounts have already been registered. While some are inactive, and others multiple accounts, growth has been rapid, almost viral, and far quicker than might have been expected. SecondLife.com also has competitors; however, it is the most dominant site.

Some think it is similar to Web 2.0 and social networking. In reality, Second Life is an Internet-based virtual world which is just coming to international attention via the mainstream news media.

This is not kid stuff.  Not beginning to consider how this new phenomena might impact your business is at your own peril.  As indicated, there is already some significant seriousness to SecondLife.  For example:1.  IBM has opened a virtual business center that is staffed by IBM Sales Representatives from around the world. Member Clients, who want to buy hardware, software or services, or get help solving a business problem, can meet with a real IBM employed sales rep in this new IBM Business Center.
2. Diverse companies such as retailer merchandisers Adidas, Sears and The Bombay Company to technology giants such as IBM and  Sun Microsystems have opened up virtual storefronts, or advertise there.

3. News agency Reuters has a one-man press office covering developments there.
4. Nasdaq CEO Bob Greifeld recently said publicly that he could imagine opening up a stock exchange in Second Life. “We have actually contemplated it,” he said. But our readers should note that there is already a virtual stock exchange running there.

5. In the banking world, Denmark’s Saxo Bank plans to offer SecondLife residents the ability to manage their real-life financial portfolios from within the virtual world, and says that it may eventually create a branded market to trade the Linden dollar against real-world currencies.  They’ve already been beaten into the meta universe by Dutch bank ABN AMRO NV who has actually opened up a branch inside the virtual world. ABN says it will create a complete virtual bank resembling their real-life bricks and mortar outlets, and even begin offering financial advice. They have both been already beaten into the market by smaller entrepreneurs that convert currency by accepting Linden Dollars in trade for real U.S. currency.

In the 2nd part of this article, we will discuss how SecondLife can have a real impact on the printing community.

July 23, 2007

UPSL  was keen on showcasing web 2.0 social networking software SecondLife. In the begining we were quiet shy and hesitant as we never had an oppertunity to do this kind.But slowly we had set up our computers and in a corner of the hall we did some demos for a few interested persons. The second day of the Proto.in was an half day session . After the meet there was a good crowd  gathered around us when we were just trying out SecondLife for ourselves. A very enthusisatic  crowd ,keen to know,learn and how to put to use…..! The day ended with a note of satisfaction with all the efforts taken. Good number of enquires wanting SecondLife services.

Upsl at Proto.in

July 23, 2007

 proto.in is a premier event to showcase new products, technologies and companies to a selected gathering in Chennai on 21st and 22nd July 07. It aims at providing these innovators a space to attract mindshare, finances, and the attention of the VCs.

Proto.in just got over and belive me ,it was mindblowing event  to see the investors and the start ups involved in mentoring ,networking,advicing and instructing the companies on how to make the next move….. For many a start ups and enterpreneurs it was a show to be watched and to gain from the event.

Pre-Press Techniques

March 21, 2007

One of our esteemed publisher client, gave a book for prepress job. When we opened the soft copy, we found out that the required page size and the document size were abnormal. The crop marks were not set properly.


Because of this we encountered many problems like we cant give registration marks, we cant free flow the pages into the form layout software, the pages cant be centred etc. We have to get it set so that we can use automatic crops, registration marks, colour strip and moreover the client wanted the print area to be centred in the page.
This how we did
first measured the print area,
minus it from page size,
get the balance measure which can be given as margins,
divide the width balance by two to get left and right margins,
divide the height balance by two to get top and bottom margins.

By changing the values in document setup you will get the exact page size. One problem was solved. In Pagemaker, the objects wont align by itself to margins. Checking the alignment position change the value in the keyboard increment. Goto each page, select the objects and align the object using the arrow keys. Our document was ready for page layout format.


Wiki2Booklet surprise

February 28, 2007

Our intiative to make available a booklet as part of Wikicamp.in has come out well surprising us and everyone involved in the process. The Wiki2Booklet was our natural response to the diversity of the participants. We thought bringing out a booklet touching upon the aspects of Wiki, Wikipedia, Wikicamp, Knowldege Foundation, and unconference will be a good idea given the diversity of the participants. The UPSL team was thrilled by the ‘Uhhh…’s and the ‘Ahhaaa’s expressed by the wikicamp.in team as they opened the booklet packet. At UPSL we are so used to customer complaints like the mistakes rounded in red below. Wiki2Booklet

But given the fact that the page formatting took place at around 4:35 am Indian time( as evident from the screen shot time below: Thanks to Hari, Labsji working at the ungodly hour) the team was broadminded enough to ignore the trivial and look at the broader outcome.


Overall, it was a wonderful and educative experience. Prasad kicked himself for not getting the autograph of the contributors in the space when Labsji suggested that we could have done that as a memorabilia. We will do better the next time around!

you can view the Pdf of Wiki2Booklet !!!!

Photos of Wikicamp.in

February 28, 2007


After a successful event Wikicamp.in, was able to get some pictures taken out on the mobile phone .The pic are shot at 1.3 mega pixel. The pictures have come out well to my surprise !

Pictures available at flickr

Wikicamp ends….

February 27, 2007


Wikicamp.in was a great event very informative and more than anything it is collabarative tool. That is something amazing !which can also be put to use in our day to day activity. Collabaration is fun tastic.